Male Pattern Baldness and its Underlying Issues



baldness (MPB)? Do you often remember the luxuriant hair that made you look and feel good when you were in your teens or twenties? Fret not—for you are not alone. Like millions of other balding men in the world, you are just saying goodbye to all that fine hair on your head. Come thirties and men are now losing hair at an astronomical rate—revealing shiny bald patches on their pate.


Fortunately, you have help close at hand. But before you start looking for natural ways of treating hair loss or booking appointments with skin and hair clinics in your city; you need to take a peep into the reasons why men go bald and the available remedies for the same.

Reasons Behind male pattern baldness (MPB)

In most cases PMB is linked to hereditary problems. Most men are genetically predisposed to suffer from the issues of receding hairlines and eventual baldness. While some men are positively sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) — which causes toxicity to the hair follicles; there are others who suffer from certain hormone deficiencies which lead to premature balding and hair loss.

Whatever the cause, the lack of nutrients in hair follicles results in their untimely weakening and makes them prone to thinning and breakage. These nutrient starved follicles fail to live their full life cycle and reach a point of concern. Natural hair growth can be renewed easily with the proper nutrition and care in place. However, this requires skilled expertise and extra care in the case of people prone to male pattern baldness.

Treatments available for PMB

High DHT levels lead to the miniaturization process of the follicular growth, which ultimately leads to baldness. One of the best treatments for PMB is connected with the slowing down or stopping of the production of DHT. This reduces hair loss and leads to newer hair growth over a period of time. Cure for baldness Delhi treatment requires the administration of certain drugs– that go a long way in stopping hair loss within a pre-defined time period. However the results of these prescription drugs may vary and generate different results in individual patients.

Though the drugs recommended for the treatment of PMB and other forms of baldness are relatively safe and reliable; hairloss treatment Delhi have their own side effects and drawbacks. If they fail to work or provide good results, then the only way out for balding men like you, is the process of hair transplant/ implantation.

If recent result results are to be believed, you can end up getting a fuller and more “hairy” head than ever before!

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