You need to know 18 tips about hair coloring



1 if the visit salon hair coloring, said the best or bring some models photos for stylist reference, so that the other party can be sure to grasp what you want color, greatly reduced the misunderstand each other.

2 don’t choose too ‘radical’ color. The basic principle of hair coloring is to make hair become more beautiful, also let the hair coloring natural color and hair and.

3 when choosing color to skin and eye color as the basis, deep or shallow twice than they are usually suitable for. If you do decide to catch other bold colors, there are several suggestions, so that the overall shape more stereo, apricot and honey can do a warm feeling; dark brown hair color to add caramel coloring, or coffee and chocolate to add a sense of hierarchy.

4 too deep a single color will look older. Don’t like exaggerated color you can choose hair coloring agent semi-permanent, it can not only bring the hair natural shine, and when the color fading is more permanent hair coloring agent is not obvious.

5 even to cover gray hair, also should avoid to use too deep color, ranging from pale and your child’s hair color is the most ideal. It can make skin more soft, at the same time when the grey hair new growth again, they are not too obtrusive.

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6 hair coloring agent to avoid contact with skin, hair coloring can precede before near the hair side skin smear vaseline. Do-it-yourself hair coloring also must wear latex gloves, and sponge or cotton to wipe clean soiled skin.

7 don’t start to apply hair coloring agent. The hair is divided into different regions, and use the comb clear world, so in the subsequent color, hair coloring agent can be more close to the hair root and hair coloring broom hair coloring agent; starting from the root hair painted, and then slowly extends to the tail hair.

8 if you will once again be had been dyed hair dye, hair coloring agent in the root should be allowed to stay for a few minutes, then for the remaining part. Look at the time required for the specification of the product before the hair coloring suggestions. Hair coloring time will affect the expected effect, time is too long, can make the hair too deep or too shallow, but also may make the damaged hair.

9 to remedy slightly faded hair, the hair coloring agent in the palm of the hand down the amount, color and then comb with comb, hair tip from the root to make natural, implicit ‘complementary’.

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10 healthy hair can make hair coloring colors more durable. Hair coloring to moisturize and repair h oil directly onto dry hair, starting from the tail hair to massage to the roots, or h Oil and hair coloring agent can be mixed together, strengthen the protection of hair, the sesame oil and plant essential oil ingredients can penetrate into hair scale under the surface of the fiber, dyed hair health.
11 from the scalp out of oil secretion to protect hair effect. So the night before hair coloring is best not to wash your hair, so that the natural oils reduce the harm caused by hair coloring agent.

12 hair coloring after appropriate conversion with color protection shampoo and conditioner. To prevent color fading, at the same time to repair and nourish dry function.

The reason of thermodynamic 13 cylinder and the electric hair stick is also make hair fade. Therefore, in the other, or selection of insulating effect of other products ideal.

14 the UV rays of the sun and the sea will also speed up the fading speed. Lock color sunscreen bubble in the daytime with free wash contains holly and cinnamon, sunscreen, can protect hair from sun damage, effectively lock the hair color. Swimming also should wear wear a hat, do sufficient protection for the hair.

15 in addition to the use of color products, in fact, there are other ways to keep hair color, hair before shampooing poured in, and then wait 15 minutes before flushing; and dark color (such as chocolate and chestnut and so on) the trial has been cold coffee washing hair, wait 20 minutes and then shampoo.Many girls love bonded hair extensions .
16 shallow blonde one can use khaki or coffee brown eyeshadow, lip use a nude color; finally in the cheek to sweep on bronzing powder, add a little healthy breath.

Eye makeup 17 powder color with dark brown hair color the contrast, proposed with rose pink blush, let a person look young and fresh.

18 people with red hair is suitable for peach color, pink and gray matte eye shadow, can be naturally more prominent contours and can balance the eye-catching red.You can read some information about micro ring hair extensions.

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